Core Administrative System Off-Campus Login Alert Service

Core Administrative System Off-Campus Login Alert Service

OIT is now offering a new service to help minimize the risk of unauthorized access to your Student Records, Human Resources and Financials accounts.  

What the off-campus login alert service does

The service sends you a text message whenever someone logs in to your account from off-campus. If you, the owner of the account, have just logged in, then you’ll expect (and can ignore) the message.  If someone else has managed to log in to your account, the message will serve as an alert of unauthorized activity.

Why sign up for this?

Although we all take care to avoid falling victim to phishing attacks, the fact is that these attacks are getting better all the time. Signing up for this service is an easy way to protect yourself against unauthorized use of your administrative system accounts and the potential exposure of personal information.

How to set up the off-campus login alert service

Contact OIT Client Services at or  413-597-4090 and let them know you’d like to set it up the service.  To receive a text message alert (recommended), provide them with your cell phone number and the name of your cell phone carrier, e.g. Verizon.  To receive an email alert, provide an email address for the alert.  We’ll let you know when it’s activated.

How to disable or update the off-campus login alert service

Contact OIT Desktop support and let them know you want to either update the off-campus login alert information or disable the service.

What to do if you receive an unexpected off-campus login alert notice

If you receive an off-campus login alert notice, but you didn’t log in, try to change your administrative system password as soon as you can.  Also contact OIT at the earliest opportunity.  

What other steps can you take to protect yourself from unauthorized access?

Use different and strong passwords for every site.  Set up and use 2-factor authentication capabilities whenever possible.  2-factor authentication offers very good protection against unauthorized access to your information by requiring someone who wants to log in to an account to have both something they know, for example, a password, and something in their possession, such as a cell phone.  Google offers 2-step authentication for their applications.  OIT can help you get started.