CET Audio Resources

audio console

STUDIO 275 Provides a studio technician and is a professionally equipped audio recording studio.
Features include isolation rooms for live multitrack recording of drums, guitars, brass etc. A great mic selection is available to meet your recording needs. We have an 88 note weighted key Midi controller as well as a Roland TD-11K Electronic Drum kit. Using this space requires scheduling a block of time. Williams has a professional audio engineer on site to provide training workshops and assistance with technical questions on your recording project.

Audio Production infrastructure: All rooms below use Studio One 6 Pro with the same virtual instruments and F/X plugins, so that your project files can seamlessly integrate into each room.

A/V Edit rooms 272 or 273 are accessed through the circulation desk on level 3 of Sawyer Library on a first come, first serve basis and can be booked in 4 hour blocks. These rooms can be used for pre-production, midi/looped based productions, basic overdubs, and post production (ie Mixing and mastering). These rooms are a great place to get your project started

        1. Both of these rooms have been equipped with Studio One 6 Professional (a professional digital audio workstation)
        2. A number of virtual instrument and F/X plugins with high quality samples
        3. A pro virtual drum machine
        4. Presonus iTwo 2 channel audio/midi interface
        5. M-Audio 49 key USB midi keyboard controller w/sustain pedal
        6. Presonus Condenser Mic
        7. Presonus headphones

Music Composition room 274 can be accessed through the circulation desk as well on a first come first serve basis, much like A/V Edit rooms this room is designed to be used for Pre or Post Production Room has all of the features of the A/V Edit rooms but has 88 note weighted key keyboard controller.