Telecom Policies

Phone Harassment Block Policy

Anyone with a College phone extension who believes they are receiving harassing phone calls should report this to Campus Safety Services.  Campus Safety Services may advise contacting the Williamstown police department as phone harassment violates state laws. Campus Safety Services will evaluate (possibly with the assistance… Continue reading »

Conference Phone Policy

Conference phones can be valuable aids for employees who have meetings with large groups of people. However, given the cost of these devices, OIT will only fund the purchase of conference phones when their use meets a certain level of need.  Not all locations need a permanent conference phone, but… Continue reading »

OIT Headset Policy

Purchase of new headsets OIT recommends using Jabra headsets with our phone system.  Departments should order their own headsets.  If you have any questions on a particular model, please contact [email protected] and a ticket will be entered for you. Updated  2/10/22 by Terri-Lynn Hurley… Continue reading »

Communication Device Policy

Devices are provided for business use and must be used primarily for business purposes. A supervisor requesting a communication device for an employee should document that the individual needs the device for his/her job. Continue reading »