Solstice Pods for Wireless Projection

Project from any device without connecting wires

For the Fall 2018 – Spring 2019, OIT is piloting the use of SolsticePods in a few teaching spaces in the South Science Building. The SolsticePod allows you to use wireless projection from any device including: Laptops, IPhone, IPad, Android Phone, and Tablets, etc.

Instructions for using the Solstice Pods to project without wires :

  • On the projection system wall panel, select the SolsticePod as the Input.  This should display the SolsticePod name and wireless projection information over a picture of the ’62 Center.
  • Ensure the device you wish to project from (i.e. laptop, smartphone, tablet) is connected to Wifi on the Williams network.
  • Install and run the SolsticePod App for your device:
  • In the App, select the SolsticePod you wish to display.  (The name appearing on the top of the SolsticePod screen should match the name on the list on your device.)
  • Enter the 4-number “Key” that is displayed on the screen.  (This key changes frequently so you will need to enter this each time you use a SolsticePod.)
  • Follow instructions from the App on your device to mirror your device to the projector.

Please remember to email feedback about these SolsticePods to: [email protected]

Additional Notes/Suggestions:

  • If you are using a device that requires a security code to wake up, you should make sure that code isn’t displayed on the in room screen as you type it.  On some devices you can select if the password typing is visible or not, on others you can set the timeout for the screen to lock, etc
  • One SolsticePod can accept simultaneous connects from multiple devices.  Typically the first device to connect can also control which of the multiple screens is being shown.
  • Additional documentation is available from the vendor at: