KeyAccess Uninstaller - WARNING disables access

Use this only to remove the KeyAccess client from your computer. The KeyAccess client is required for several applications like the older versions of Adobe, Finale, Stata, etc.

This will uninstall the KeyAccess client software from a Mac computer. Windows users who wish to remove this software should remove KeyAccess from the Add/Remove programs in the control panel.


This software can be downloaded by Williams faculty, staff, and students.

Click on an icon below to start downloading. If you see only gray icons, this application is not currently available for your operating system.

We were unable to detect your operating system.

How can I tell if I'm running 32bit or 64bit Windows?

This software is keyservedThis software is keyserved. If you are using this software from off campus, you need to first run the Williams College VPN client.