VPN Client (AnyConnect)

The VPN Client creates a direct connection to the Williams network from off-campus. This allows you to run keyserved applications as long as you have the keyserver client installed as well.


This software will only work from off-campus!

After installing the client you will need to run it once to put in the correct server name in the "connect" field. To run the client:

For Windows XP, Vista and 7 the client is located in:

Start: Programs: Cisco: Cisco Anyconnect Secure Mobility Client.
For Windows 8:
Search for Cisco in the Start window.
For Mac the client is in:
Applications: Cisco

In the connect field for all versions, enter: ssl-vpn.williams.edu

The connection only works from off-campus, so you will get an error if attempting to connect while on the Williams network.


This software can be downloaded by Williams faculty, staff, and students.

Click on an icon below to start downloading. If you see only gray icons, this application is not currently available for your operating system.

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