Printer Allocation

OIT will provide a networked printer for departments. Printers will be located such that there is a printer physically located that is convenient to all of the department.  Personal printers will be provided to senior staff, administrative department heads, academic department chairs and department administrative assistants.

If a faculty member or department has an unusual computing need that would require an exception to the procedures listed above (i.e. a dye sublimation printer for high-quality color images), OIT management will call a working group to evaluate the situation and make a recommendation.

If a faculty member or department wishes to purchase a local printer for an individual not provided with one under our guidelines, OIT will recommend a printer that we can support but will not provide funds. If a printer not on our list of supported printers is purchased, it will be understood that support by OIT for problems encountered will be quite limited.

All queue based networked printers will be named in a way that identifies the type of printer and its location. The names will be of the form:

Type-building-roomnumber (-numericidentifier if necessary)

For example: hp-jesup-205 would represent an Hewlett-Packard printer in Jesup room 205. Konica Bizhubs would have a prefix of bh.

OIT will cover the cost of printers that fall into this policy as well as toner and parts as covered by our print management program. Paper and other supplies will be covered by the individual departments.