High-Risk File Sharing Protection

To help protect our students and the college network, we by default block a small number of peer-to-peer sharing programs like bittorrent which our firewall system has deemed high-risk.  However we do realize that there are legitimate reasons to use torrent software and any student who wants to opt out of this protection can do so.  While on the Williams network, enter a request from https://ticket.williams.edu (choose “P2P Protection Opt-Out”).  Requests do not need justification and they are not evaluated in any way.  Students will need to opt out each academic year.  

The College does not monitor our network for illegal traffic in copyrighted material and cannot protect from the legal recourse that exists for copyright holders.  You also need to know that law enforcement agencies and entertainment companies actively monitor the Internet for users who are distributing copyrighted material. It is also the case that illegal files or software can come with malware, which further increases your risk.

If you do opt out of this protection, make sure you are aware of the copyright infringement policy.