Request to activate data jack

If a data jack is not working that you want to be working you can contact the Faculty/Staff Support Desk (413-597-4090) or submit a Web HelpDesk ticket
You will need to supply the following information to activate a jack:
  • Building
  • Room #
  • Data Jack #
  • Full Name – Full name of the person that will be using the data jack
  • Phone – Phone number if there are any questions about this request
  • Availability – availability for us to have access to room (date/time)
  • Restriction – any special restrictions on when the work can be done
We ask that you plan ahead, if you think you want a data jack active give us a few days notice. We believe, based on our normal workloads, we will be able to make a data jack active within 2-3 business days after receiving the request (often we will be able to get this done more quickly).