IDeaL Initiative

    Integrating Digital Literacies (IDL) Program

    ITech Specialists work with faculty to re-imagine existing text-based assignments or create unique curricular projects for students that integrate digital skills and methods in pursuit of media scholarship and digital publishing.  Specialists will create and deliver in-class instruction to suit specific assignments or learning goals unique to the course. Depending on the complexity, Specialists may also coordinate additional support sessions outside of class utilizing trained Student Technology Consultants (STC’s).

    IDL sessions are not just technology workshops. While often centered around a particular software or application, the sessions aim to dig deeper into the conceptual components of successful media scholarship.

    Do you have an idea you would like to discuss? Contact your ITech liaison!

    Examples or Modules to consider adopting:

    Multimedia narrative – a written script annotated in a video timeline by images audio and video.

    • Format 1: Research based, documentary -style
    • Format 2: Personal/reflective style

    Multimedia blog – a public publishing forum for text, image, audio and/or video

    Graphic Novel – understanding and creating narratives in graphic novel format

    Radio Journalism or Oral History – Audio only based research and publishing

    Recent IDeaL course project examples, student produced