Perusall: FAQs for Instructors

Perusall enables collaborative annotation of assigned readings as an asynchronous way to replicate some of what we achieve during in-person class discussions. It’s integrated with the Glow course management system and provides a readings focused discussion and collaboration forum that your students may find to be richer than Glow Discussions.

Perusall can be added from the glow course in Settings – Navigation and dragging Perusall to your list of course menu items.

Full integration of the tool happens when you:

  • Set the Assignment title in Glow to the exact name of the assignment in Perusall.
  • Set the Assignment Submission Type to External Tool.
  • Click on the find button and find Perusall as your External Tool.
  • Select the check box for “load this tool in a new tab.”

Getting Started

Q: How do I get started with Perusall?

Example of Perusall and GLOW

Official Documentation