How do I merge multiple sections into a single section?

If you teach a course with multiple sections of the same course content/assignments, and don’t want to duplicate them in each section you teach, there is a way to consolidate and merge your sections into a single course on Glow. This is called “cross-listing” which allows you to move all enrollment in one course (section) to another course (section).

For example, if you teach two sections of Economics 110 (15F-ECON-110-01 and  15F-ECON-110-02) and would like to use 15F-ECON-110-01 as the parent course of the two sections, you go to the settings of 15F-ECON-110-02 to cross list it to 15F-ECON-110-01.

Click “How” here to learn how to cross-list sections. You can also watch a short video on Cross-listing.