I'm trying to access streaming media in Glow, but I see a blank screen.

Some people experience a problem accessing videos in Glow. The symptom is that when you click on the “Course Media Gallery” in the left hand navigation bar, you may be prompted to log in, and even after you log in correctly, you get a blank window. 

The cause is that video is handled by a third-party tool, a plugin for Glow. Since the video window comes from a different web server than Glow itself, your browser needs to accept third party cookies, at least for sessions, to access it. If you’re experiencing the problem described above, third-party cookies are disabled in your browser.

There are two solutions. Below is a list of the most common browsers and step-by-step instructions for allowing them to accept third-party cookies for sessions. The steps are straightforward, but the down side is that it allows third-party cookies for all web pages, not just Glow. If you’re comfortable making more involved changes to your browser settings, you can achieve the same effect by leaving your general third-party cookie settings unchanged but adding a specific exception to accept cookies from the site “williams.hosted.panopto.com”. If you’re unsure how to do that, follow the instructions for your browser below: