Making courses and course items available to students in Glow

Course Publish Button
The home page of your course will indicate that it is unpublished and have a button for publishing to make the course available for students.

Click the Publish button under “Course Status”  in the upper right hand corner of the page. Students cannot see your course and content until you publish it.




    The file repository indicates that files are locked (unavailable to students) when the icon for the file has a padlock on it. There is a lock icon in the settings that can toggle the lock status of the file.

    Content areas in Glow can be made to be available or unavailable to students even after a course is published. To the right of modules, pages, or other content will be an icon in the shape of a cloud. If the cloud is a light grey color, then the content is unavailable to students. You can click on the cloud to toggle the availability. When the cloud is green, the content item will be available to students. In the case of modules, you will want to make sure that the parent module is available to students as well as the content items listed in that module. Both the cloud for the parent module and the content items in the module will need to be the color green.

    Green clouds indicate that course items are visible to students. Grey clouds indicate that content is not visible to students.

    In addition, there is a files repository. You can use Settings > Navigation to hide menu items from students including the Files menu item. When students view the course, the Files menu item would not be present. This effectively hides all the files in the file repository. You could then selectively share files by linking to files from a page or module.

    However, there is also the option of keeping the Files menu item accessible to students, but controlling what students can see or access. When you hover over an item you can see icons for a padlock, pencil, and trash can. Clicking on the padlock icon will allow you to lock the file and make it unavailable to students. You can also make the file invisible to students. The file icon will appear to have a lock on it if you select either of these options.

    In the settings area, you can click on the student view icon in the upper right hand corner. This will allow you to see the course with a student view and verify if students can or cannot see various course items and components.

    Once you have uploaded content and made it available or unavailable to students, you can check on your work but going to Settings and using the Student View button in the upper right hand corner. This will allow you to explore the course and see the course as it will appear to students. Click on the File menu item and test the accessibility of the files there. Also look at any modules or pages you have added and see if you can see them. To exit student view, there is a blue button in the lower right hand corner that says "leave student view."