GLOW Gradebook, new 2019

The New GLOW Gradebook


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  • How do I use the new GLOW Gradebook?

    New Gradebook

    The top of the Gradebook includes global sorting options and settings you can use to organize your Gradebook [1], which will populate the selected student data [2] and assignment data [3].

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      The top of the Gradebook includes sorting options and settings you can use to organize your Gradebook [1], which will populate the select student data [2] and assignment data [3].

    Gradebook Menu


    The main Gradebook allows you to see all students, assignments, and grades. In the Gradebook menu, you also switch between several options as available:

    Learning Mastery [1] displays the Learning Mastery Gradebook, which assesses outcome standards being used in Canvas courses. This gradebook is a course-level feature option.

    Individual View [2] allows you to assess one student and one assignment at a time and is fully accessible for screen readers. Individual View currently does not support settings and options from the New Gradebook.

    Gradebook History [3] displays the Gradebook History page, which logs recent grade changes in the course according to student, grader, assignment, and date.

    You can switch between gradebooks at any time.

    Gradebook Viewing Options


    The View menu allows you to filter and sort the Gradebook according to several viewing options:

    Gradebook Actions Menu


    The Actions menu allows you to sync grades to your institution’s student information system (SIS), if applicable.

    To bulk manage student grades in the Gradebook, you can also import grades [2] and export grades [3].

    Note: Currently the Gradebook Export CSV file data includes all Gradebook data regardless of filtered or sorting options.

    Gradebook Settings


    The Gradebook Settings allow you to apply late policies in your course [1].

    The Missing Submission policy allows you to automatically apply a grade for submissions labeled as Missing [2]. A submission is labeled Missing when the due date has passed and the assignment has not been submitted.

    The Late Submission policy allows you to automatically apply a defined penalty to submissions with a status of Late [3]. A submission is labeled Late when it is submitted past the due date. Additionally, you can define a threshold under which a student will not be scored, regardless of how late the submission is when submitted.

    Enter Grades


    When entering grades, the New Gradebook displays crosshairs and highlighting across the row and column for improved orientation.
    To enter grades, type the grade as supported by assignment type directly in the Gradebook cell [1].

    You can access SpeedGrader and also enter grades and change the submission status by clicking the Grade Detail Tray icon [2].

    Grade Detail Tray

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  • The Gradebook has modified the functionality of muting and unmuting. The main change this Fall is that this new functionality allows graders to have more control for posting grades on a granular level, such as by section, by a feature called post policies. Additionally, instead of having to hide all assignments individually, the Gradebook Settings menu allows all assignment grades to be hidden by default.

    Please note the following adjustments to the Gradebook interface:

    • The previous functionality of muting a grade has been transitioned from the Mute Assignment option to the Grade Posting Policy option.
    • The previous functionality of unmuting an assignment has been transitioned from the Unmute Assignment option to the Post Grades option.

    New Mute Functionality: Manual Grade Posting Policy

    The Mute functionality has been replaced with the manual grade posting policy. The Grade Posting Policy controls how grades will be made available to students in the Gradebook.

    New Mute Functionality


    Assignments that should be hidden before grades are assigned can be set with the Grade Posting Policy menu option [1]. In the policy window, select the Manually Post Grades option [2]. Then click the Save button [3]. An icon indicating the assignment’s visibility will be displayed in the assignment column, and grades will be hidden to students [4]. This icon has replaced the existing Mute icon.

    For more information, please view this documentation.