GLOW Build a course

Using the Front Page as Your Course Homepage

Front Page You can design your course home page (Front Page) with text, images, media, and links. The links can be to files (e.g. syllabus in PDF or PowerPoint lecture), other Glow Pages, Discussions, Quizzes, and external content. Step 1: Create a new page Go to “Pages” in… Continue reading »

Build a Course

GLOW has three basic building blocks for you to use, Files, Pages and Modules. Files are any documents (PowerPoint, Word, PDF, images, and etc.) you upload to your course. (Use the Course Media Gallery for videos and audio.) Pages are individual content pages that you create. They can include… Continue reading »

How do I upload my video files?

1. Go to the Course Media Gallery of your course on GLOW. 2  Click the Create option, then select Upload Media. 3. In the window that appears, drag and drop video (or audio files) into the box, or select the box to locate the audio/video files you want to upload. Continue reading »

Rich Content Editor (RCE)

Rich Content Editor (RCE), updated for Fall 2021 You will see a few changes: Media Options – Panopto (Course Media Gallery) and Google Drive options are now added to the toolbar. They are available under the App tool as well.  Khan Academy, TED Ed, Vimeo, YouTube,… Continue reading »

Building a Course Using the Syllabus Page

Syllabus Page When you use the Syllabus Page, “Course Summary” is automatically generated based on Assignments and Events (via the Calendar) within a course. The “Course Summary” can only be changed by editing or deleting the Assignments or Events. All Assignments (unpublished and published) are listed in the… Continue reading »

Course Import Tool

To copy course content, assignments, and quizzes from previous semesters, use the Course Import Tool from the Course Settings. 1. Go to your new course, then in the course navigation menu on the left, click the Settings link. 2. Click the Import Content Content link on the right. 3. Continue reading »

How to embed an image in the Rich Content Editor

Open Rich Content Editor (RCE) Upload Images from Toolbar To upload an image from the toolbar, click the Image icon [1]. You can also upload an image from the image options menu. To view additional image options, click the Image Options arrow [2]. Then select the Upload Image option [3]. Note: To view the Image icon, you… Continue reading »

Building a Course Using Modules

Modules Modules (default course Home Page) are used to organize course content by topics, weeks, units, or a different organizational structure. Modules essentially create a one-directional linear flow of what students should do in a course. Each module can contain Files, Discussions, Assignments, Quizzes, Links and other learning… Continue reading »

Getting Started with GLOW

Log in You can login to the GLOW service at Use your Williams username (e.g. abc1) and password. Find Your Courses Most courses will be displayed on the Dashboard when you log in to GLOW. It is the first thing you will see when you log in. If… Continue reading »