Introducing New Quizzes

When creating a quiz in GLOW,  you will now have the option to choose Classic Quizzes or New Quizzes. This allows you to become acquainted with the New Quiz features before fully moving to it in the Summer of 2024.

New Quizzes Release Timeline

  • Fall, 2021: New Quizzes engine is enabled at the course level, allowing the instructor to enable via the Course Settings.
  • Summer, 2022:  New Quizzes are enabled at the site level and the instructors have the option to choose as they are adding a quiz.
  • June 2024: New Quizzes will replace the Classic Quizzes and old Classic Quizzes will stop working.

New Features

  • Can shuffle questions without using item bank.
  • Can shuffle answers per question, not just on the overall quiz.
  • Can require a waiting period between quiz attempts.
  • Can regrade most question types.
  • Time accommodation for a student for all New Quizzes in a course, not just one at a time. Can set amount of time (20 minutes) or time multiplier (1.5x).
  • The ability for the Teacher to print a copy of the quiz.

New Question Types

  • Hot spot question – Students must identify a specific area on the image that you upload.
  • Stimulus question – You insert content (text, image, online article, video, etc.) that is then tied to a number of questions. Stimulus appears on the left and questions on the right. For example, on the left, it shows an article excerpt; on the right, it displays five questions related to that article.
  • Categorization question – Students need to place items in the correct category.
  • Ordering Question – Students place items in the correct order.

When to keep using Classic Quizzes

  • Currently using Question Banks to create quizzes.
  • Want to download the quiz submissions in bulk/all at one time.
  • Want to use surveys.
  • Want to use Practice Quizzes.

When to use New Quizzes

  • Want to use new features such as setting a waiting time between quiz attempts.
  • Want to use new question types such as hotspot, ordering, stimulus or categorization questions.

Current Limitations of New Quizzes

(As of Fall, 2022)

  • No “Download All Files” or “Download Submissions” option for the File Upload type question
  • Rich Content Editor
    • Not being able to access Page or File links from the editor toolbar.
    • These NOT supported yet – HTML editing, the Accessibility Checker, and Right-to-left/left-to-right formatting buttons.
  • Survey not available
  • Question Banks not interchangeable between Classic and New
  • Cannot revert from New Quizzes to Classic Quizzes

See the Complete Classics and New Quizzes Feature Comparison table.

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