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Assignments vs. Quizzes

The Assignment tool allows instructors to collect student work for grading. It streamlines the way students work is collected.

An assignment page consists of a title, description, links, embedded media and/or an attachment.  Each assignment has an availability date range, a starting date/time, and a deadline until students can work on it. When students complete their task, you can give points, which you can specify what is the maximum number of points students can gain, or you can set the assignment to be Complete/Incomplete, Letter Graded, Not Graded* and so on.
*When Not Graded, that assignment will not show up in the Gradebook.

These are the examples of how GLOW Assignments can be used:

  • Reading assignments
  • Research papers
  • Handwritten student work (saved as PDF for submission)
  • Peer review assignments
  • Group assignments (require one submission for a group of students)

It is recommended to use due dates on your assignments. Each time you add a due date, that assignment will appear on the GLOW calendar automatically and students will also receive reminders from GLOW.

Quizzes are similar to the assignments. They consist of a title and description. They can have links, embedded media and an availability date range. Quizzes however have a list of questions that students must answer. Questions can be with one correct answer, multiple correct answers or open-ended questions where students provide a free-form answer. (See more on the types of quiz questions here.) Each question carries certain number of points. Responses to questions with predefined answers are automatically graded upon completion. Answers to essay-type questions have to be reviewed by an instructor and graded manually. Quizzes are always graded.

Benefits of GLOW Quizzes include:

  • Auto-scoring question types (e.g. multiple choices, true/false, matching and so on)
  • Allow multiple attempts and set up a quiz to be self-check homework problems
  • Quiz timers
  • Extra time and/or attempts for accommodations (Instructors can give individual students extra time and extra attempts.)

Can I switch an Assignment to a Quiz, or a Quiz to an Assignment?

Unfortunately, this is not possible in the current user interface. They are not interchangeable. The best thing to do is to create a brand new Assignment or Quiz and then copy/paste the information from one to the other. Not ideal, but that is what will work the best at this time.

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