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LinkedIn Learning to Expire in July 2022

May 24, 2022 As of July 31, 2022, the College’s contract with LinkedIn Learning will expire. The Office for Information Technology has decided not to work toward renewal due to the following reasons: Free and less expensive alternatives are readily available for users to pursue. Campus-wide licensing is not cost-effective… Continue reading »

How do I upload my video files?

1. Go to the Course Media Gallery of your course on GLOW. 2  Click the Create option, then select Upload Media. 3. In the window that appears, drag and drop video (or audio files) into the box, or select the box to locate the audio/video files you want to upload. Continue reading »

How do I embed videos on my GLOW page?

You can embed videos from Alexander Street Video, Khan Academy, TED Ed, Vimeo, and YouTube by using the Rich Content Editor.   1. Go to your GLOW page where you want to embed a video (e.g. announcement, assignment, discussion, page, syllabus or quiz). 2. Click on the Plug icon on… Continue reading »

How do I sign up for appointment slots?

In Global Navigation, click the Calendar link. Find Appointment In the Calendar sidebar, click the Find Appointment button. Select Course If a course includes an appointment, the name of the course displays in the Course drop-down menu. Select the course where you want to look for an appointment [1], then click the Submit button [2]. View… Continue reading »

Rich Content Editor (RCE)

Rich Content Editor (RCE), updated for Fall 2021 You will see a few changes: Media Options – Panopto (Course Media Gallery) and Google Drive options are now added to the toolbar. They are available under the App tool as well.  Khan Academy, TED Ed, Vimeo, YouTube,… Continue reading »

Appointment Scheduling Tool

The Signup Sheets tool in GLOW has reached its end of life and is no longer available as of 12/21/2020. As a replacement, GLOW includes the more robust Appointment Group tool as part of its Calendar and scheduling options. Q: How do I create appointment slots in a course… Continue reading »

Enabling Live Transcription Closed Captioning in Zoom

All Zoom meeting hosts have the option to enable Live Transcription closed captioning in Zoom meetings and are encouraged to do so. To make live transcription available to meeting participants, hosts can select the ‘Live Transcription’ button in Zoom and then select ‘Enable Auto-Transcription’. Not seeing the Live Transcripts button?… Continue reading »

Anonymous Grading & Anonymous Instructor Annotations

Anonymous Grading When creating an Assignment, you can choose to set up an Assignment with anonymous grading. Selecting the anonymous grading option hides student names from graders when they view assignment submissions in SpeedGrader.   Note: Anonymous assignments automatically default to a manual posting policy. Grades for anonymous assignments,… Continue reading »

Google Jamboard: FAQs

Q: What is a Jamboard? A: Jamboard is an electronic whiteboard from Google for Education. Williams faculty, staff, and students use the web and app-based shared virtual whiteboard solution for online visual collaboration. Google also uses this term for a physical device, or kiosk, which is not available at Williams. Continue reading »

Configuring Zoom Settings

Zoom is very configurable and the options available will often take their default state from the meeting host settings. Many of these settings can be modified within the meeting or set in advance on a meeting by meeting basis.  Zoom offers an overview guide of… Continue reading »

Remote Teaching Readiness Quiz

Establish Effective Communication Channels with My Students Question Yes No I am prepared to communicate updates, changes, and other relevant information to my students. I can create channels where students can respond to me I can schedule live sessions I can create… Continue reading »

How can I delete the secondary screen?

Go to your recording in the Course Media Gallery. Move a mouse over next to the thumbnail of your recording and click “Settings.” Select “Streams,” then move the mouse over the track that you want to delete and click “X”. (There is no undo, so you may want to make… Continue reading »

Will my Zoom meeting time out?

For faculty using Zoom to hold open office hours, please know that the meeting will end 40 minutes after the last student has left. The solution is to simply restart the Zoom meeting (using the same Zoom URL/Meeting ID) after meeting with the student.… Continue reading »

How do I schedule Zoom meetings?

Zoom offers this guide to scheduling Zoom meetings. Who can edit meeting details? Only the person who creates the meeting can edit the meeting details. You can designate others as co-hosts once the meeting starts. However, they cannot edit the meeting details prior to the start of the… Continue reading »

How do I manage a Zoom classroom?

What if I don’t want to see myself on the screen? You can hide yourself! Your students can still see you. How will I “see” my students? There are different viewing options. You can choose the gallery view (checkerboard) or the speaker view (speaker enlarged). Find… Continue reading »

Remote Access to Academic Software

First and best choice: It is possible to install and run most academic software directly on individually-owned computers from the OIT Software website. This direct installation will provide individuals with the best possible experience of using academic software. All academic software listed on the OIT Software website provides details on whether… Continue reading »

How do I sign in to LinkedIn Learning?

Attention The College’s contract with LinkedIn Learning will expire on July 31, 2022 and will not be renewed. For more information see this post.     Note: If you have connected your personal LinkedIn account to your Williams LinkedIn Learning account, sign in using your email… Continue reading »

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