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Managing Your Gradebook

Overview The Gradebook helps instructors view and enter grades for students. Grades for each assignment can be viewed as points, percentage, complete or incomplete, or letter grades.  Sorting options and Gradebook Settings Students name column Grades Keyboard shortcut menu Only graded items (Assignments, Discussions and Quizzes) that have been… Continue reading »

Introducing New Quizzes

When creating a quiz in GLOW,  you will now have the option to choose Classic Quizzes or New Quizzes. This allows you to become acquainted with the New Quiz features before fully moving to it in the Summer of 2024. New Quizzes Release Timeline Fall, 2021: New Quizzes engine is… Continue reading »

Creating GLOW Quizzes (Classic)

Canvas, the publisher of GLOW,  is currently rolling out their “New Quizzes” engine, which is replacing the “Classic Quizzes”by June 30th, 2024. New and Classic Quizzes have many of the same functions, but there are differences. To learn more about them, check out our New Quizzes article. Continue reading »

GLOW Assessment Tools

Assignments vs. Quizzes The Assignment tool allows instructors to collect student work for grading. It streamlines the way students work is collected. An assignment page consists of a title, description, links, embedded media and/or an attachment.  Each assignment has an availability date range, a starting date/time, and a deadline until… Continue reading »

Assessments & Grading

Assessment & Quiz Tools GLOW Assessment Tools Assessments vs. Quizzes Assessments Creating an Assignment Anonymous grading Creating Rubrics Assigning Peer Reviews Group Assignments Assignment Exceptions MasteryPaths and Differentiate Assignments Classic Quizzes (available till June 30, 2024 ) Creating… Continue reading »


Tools in GLOW Announcements Course Email Discussions GLOW Calendar Appointment Groups / Scheduler Tools in Google Calendar Appointment Schedule & Appointment Slots Virtual Meetings Google Meet Zoom Also Read: How do I view my GLOW calendar in Google Calendar? How… Continue reading »

GLOW User Management

Enrolling/Removing Students, TAs & Auditors to/from Your Course Officially registered students are automatically enrolled into your corresponding Glow course and you do not need to add any students. However, you can invite other students to join your course via People link. Use username or Williams email addresses to find the… Continue reading »

Managing Participants

People & Roles How to use the People page GLOW Face Book Adding and removing participants Different TA roles Adding non-Williams auditors Sections & Groups Sections in GLOW are used to segment the people in a class. By using them, instructors can differentiate Assignment… Continue reading »

Build a Course

GLOW has three basic building blocks for you to use, Files, Pages and Modules. Files are any documents (PowerPoint, Word, PDF, images, and etc.) you upload to your course. (Use the Course Media Gallery for videos and audio.) Pages are individual content pages that you create. They can include… Continue reading »

GLOW Hybrid Teaching

Hybrid Teaching A Guide to Teaching Through Disruption Zoom FAQs for Instructors Panopto FAQs for Instructors Perusall FAQs for Instructors Google Meet FAQs for Instructors Back to GLOW FAQ Home… Continue reading »

GLOW Accessibility

Accessibility in GLOW Accessibility Checklist General Accessibility Design Guidelines Accessibility Standards in GLOW Williams Policies & Resources Accessible Education Policies, Rights, and Responsibilities Also Read: Importing Automated Captions for Course… Continue reading »

GLOW Sample Courses

How to GLOW A self-paced online introduction to using any of the tools in Glow. Organized using Modules Uses Pages Module Sample Course Organized using Modules Uses Assignments, Pages and Quizzes Front Page Sample Course Organized using Pages Front page (Home… Continue reading »

Online Learning Platforms

Get Help For faculty and instructors who would like help finding alternative resources for your courses, please contact your ITech liaisons. Online Learning Opportunities Codecademy Codecademy is an American online interactive platform that offers free coding classes in 12 different programming languages including Python,… Continue reading »

How do I embed videos on my GLOW page?

You can embed videos from Alexander Street Video, Khan Academy, TED Ed, Vimeo, and YouTube by using the Rich Content Editor.   1. Go to your GLOW page where you want to embed a video (e.g. announcement, assignment, discussion, page, syllabus or quiz). 2. Click on the Plug icon on… Continue reading »

Faculty and Staff pronouns in PeopleSoft Student Records and Glow

Previously, we added the ability for students to store their pronouns in our student records system, for use on class rosters and in the Glow learning management system.  We’re now providing the same capability for faculty and staff.  At present, faculty and staff pronouns are used in Glow, though we… Continue reading »

How do I sign up for appointment slots on GLOW?

In Global Navigation, click the Calendar link. Find Appointment In the Calendar sidebar, click the Find Appointment button. Select Course If a course includes an appointment, the name of the course displays in the Course drop-down menu. Select the course where you want to look for an appointment [1], then click the Submit button [2]. View… Continue reading »

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