Working From Off-Campus

There are many resources available to college faculty and staff when working remotely.  Some are straightforward and require no configuration, while some require prior setup or further consideration.

These are resources you can access from anywhere, with any computer or tablet:

To conduct research while off campus using Library resources 

Some resources require the use of the Cisco Anyconnect Secure Mobility (VPN) connector.  This software is already installed on college laptops but can easily be installed on a personal computer if necessary from

  • Keyserved and site licensed programs like SPSS
  • Access to network file services (F and G drives [files1, files2, files3, files4, files5])
  • Printing to Williams Network printers (See for information on Williams network printing.)
  • Access to the college student system for people with elevated privileges
  • Access to your on campus computer from off campus using Remote Desktop – Instructions here:
    • As with any remote connection, there are security considerations with using this type of software, see below.

Security considerations (especially when travelling)

  • Tablets and phones used to check email should have a screen lock on them
  • Set up “find my phone/ipad” on devices
  • Set up remote wipe on devices
  • Encrypt your laptop’s drive to avoid data breaches and loss of Personal Identifiable Information
  • More on security: