Wireless Network (Williams Wi-Fi Portal)

Williams Wi-Fi portal is easy starting place to get your devices on our Wi-Fi network. After connecting your device to the Wi-Fi network (SSID) Williams-College you should be redirected to a webpage with options for connecting each type of device you might have.

For more specific instructions on connecting your device to Eduroam see: https://oit.williams.edu/help-guides/wifi-and-wired-connections/joining-eduroam/

In some cases it may be necessary to “forget” the existing network and then rejoin it to fix connection issues.  Information on how to forget a network is available here:  https://oit.williams.edu/help-guides/wifi-and-wired-connections/how-to-forget-a-wireless-network/

For additional help you can contact the Faculty/Staff Support Desk at 413-597-4090 or email [email protected] . Students should contact the Student Support Desk at 413-597-3088, send email to [email protected] or stop by the Student Support Desk in Sawyer Library, 2nd floor Center for Educational Technology.

The following Networks and Systems members are responsible for the planning, deployment, and maintenance of the Williams Wireless Network:
Edward Nowlan – Director of Networks and Systems
Todd Gould – Switching, Deployment, Maintenance, Planning