Wireless Network (Williams Wi-Fi Portal)

Williams Wi-Fi portal is easy starting place to get your devices on our Wi-Fi network. After connecting your device to the Wi-Fi network (SSID) Williams-College you should be redirected to a webpage with options for connecting each type of device you might have.

For more specific instructions on connecting your device to Eduroam see: https://oit.williams.edu/help-guides/wifi-and-wired-connections/joining-eduroam/

In some cases it may be necessary to “forget” the existing network and then rejoin it to fix connection issues.  Information on how to forget a network is available here:  https://oit.williams.edu/help-guides/wifi-and-wired-connections/how-to-forget-a-wireless-network/

For additional help you can contact the Faculty/Staff Support Desk at 413-597-4090 or email [email protected] . Students should contact the Student Support Desk at 413-597-3088 or send email to [email protected].

The following Networks and Systems members are responsible for the planning, deployment, and maintenance of the Williams Wireless Network:
Edward Nowlan – Director of Networks and Systems
Todd Gould – Switching, Deployment, Maintenance, Planning