VPN for iOS (iPad, iPhone) and Android Devices

Step 1:

On an iOS device (iPhone, iPad) install the following app from the App store:
Cisco AnyConnect

On an Android install the following app from the Google Play store:
AnyConnect ICS+

Step 2:

Open the app and choose Add VPN Connection.
Click on Server Address and type in: ssl-vpn.williams.edu
Click done to exit the connection editor.

Now you have a connection set up for the Williams VPN.
Clicking on the connection should ask you for your Williams user name (ex. abc1 or jsmith) then your Williams network password.
Entering your network credentials and accepting the pollicy will connect you to our VPN.

You will want to make sure to disconnect from the VPN when you are done. Also keep in mind most things you need to do off-campus do not require a VPN connection. For a full list and instructions see the Working From Home FAQ.