Mapping a Network Drive (Windows/Mac)

There are some instances where access to another department’s drive is granted to an individual and the drive mapping needs to be done manually. Choose your OS for directions:
NOTE: If you are off campus you will need to make a VPN connection before connecting to a network drive.

  • Once logged into Active Directory (AD) the shared drive associated to your department will automatically map. To map another drive do the following:

    1. Right-click  ‘Computer’ icon on the Desktop
    2. Select ‘Map Network Drive…’
    3. Select a drive letter that isn’t in use
    4. Click the ‘Browse’ button
    5. Select ‘Network’
      (note: if message appears about ‘Network Discovery’ being turned off please follow steps that are at the bottom of the page FIRST)
    6. Wait several seconds……
    7. Enter the full path to the drive (example: \\\department name)
    8. Locate the Shared folder, open it
    9. Click the  OK button
    10. Make sure there is a check mark in the “reconnect at login’

    Turning on ‘Network Discovery’:

    1. Go to ‘Start’ > ‘Control Panel’
    2. Use the “View by” option: “Small Icons”
    3. Open ‘Network and Sharing Center’
    4. In the left column select “Change advanced sharing settings”
    5. Underneath the ‘Network discovery’ section select “Turn on network discovery’
    6. Now you are set to continue with the first set of instructions!
    1. While on the Desktop view click on Go on the top Toolbar
    2. At the bottom of the drop-down menu select "Connect to Server"
    3. Enter the following in the Server Address field:  smb://<server name><department name>/shared
      ---- For example to connect to the CES share type in:   smb://
    4. Click the Connect button
    5. Enter your Username (do not add and the password used for email
    6. Click Connect

NOTE: If you are unsure of your department drive mapping check here: