Mac Networking

Before arriving at Williams

Secure your computer – Run OS updates
On your Mac, go to the Apple menu and choose Software Update. Or for newer operating systems, Apple menu, App Store.

Install Sophos Anti-virus

Although Macs are generally much less likely to get viruses there were some well publicized ones a few years ago that caused massive disruptions.

Run common software updates

Adobe Reader (if you have it) and Adobe Flash  are particularly noteworthy for getting out of date quickly. With this software unpatched you are vulnerable to web drive-by downloads where malware is installed on your computer simply by viewing a web page. If you can avoid installing them on your computer you will eliminate one threat. Apple Preview has the functionality of Reader many video website operate without Flash. If you do then them they can be updated from Adobe

Install Keyserver (optional)

Keyserver allows you to run our licensed software while you are here on campus. Not all software is available for students to download. Our software site is located at the Software Downloads page..

After arriving on campus

Get on the wireless!

Join the Purple Air network

If you find your network connection keeps prompting you for authentication go to the Advanced settings of your wireless connection (in System Preferences) and delete the wireless networks you don’t need.

Safe computing!