First Days Computing Guide

Please read the important guides below regarding college accounts, getting your computer on the network, computer security and other fun and important information that will help you get online quickly and safely at Williams.

You can do some preparation before you arrive on campus by following the networking guides below. This will save you the hassle of doing it during first days. If you have any trouble you can email [email protected]

You can visit or call us as well.

  • Stop by the Student Support Desk at the Center for Educational Technology (CET) on the second floor of Sawyer Library
  • Call x3088 (413-597-3088 from off-campus)

Hours during First-Days

The scheduled hours for the Student Help Desk in the CET for First Days 2018 are as follows:
  • Monday Aug 26 through Friday Aug 30:    8am to 5pm
  • Sunday Sept 1:     1pm to 5pm
  • Monday Sept 2 through Wednesday Sept 4:  8am to 5pm

1. First, please read our Computing Ethics and Responsibilities policy

2. Follow the instructions to network your computer.

Other important information: