Teaching Through Disruption

In the event of sickness or quarantine, either of students in your class or of you yourself, you may not be able to teach in the way that you’d originally planned. This guide helps you find alternatives. Please contact [email protected] for help and more information or check the schedule and visit our drop-in hours for one-on-one support.

    • Communicate with your students early and often. Student success in learning environments that have online components is increased when there's a sense that the instructor is present.
    • Focus on the learning goals for your course. If the situation requires that you adjust the planned activities for the semester, you can focus on alternatives which support the goals of the course rather than on directly substituting online activities.
    • Pick tools and approaches that are familiar to you and your students. Opt for traditional alternatives, such as additional readings or existing lectures from YouTube, before introducing new technology that may distract from the course content.
    • Substitute asynchronous activities for synchronous where possible. Asynchronous activities can ease scheduling difficulties while maintaining similar learning outcomes.
    • Substitute digital resources for physical where possible and when conditions don't allow students to access the library or their text books.
    • Convey your new expectations to students, including your updated guidelines for participation, communication and deadlines.
    • If any of the suggestions below are unfamiliar to you, consult with your ITech liaison as early as possible to see examples, discuss possible implementations, or sign up for a workshop.
    • To quickly record and share video lectures that your students can watch asynchronously, use the Glow Course Media Gallery (also known as Panopto). The recorded video will automatically be loaded into the gallery for your students.
    • For live lectures, discussions or office hours, you can use Google Meet or  Zoom . Both allow you to schedule sessions in advance; Glow can generate a list of who's in your class.
    • Tips for guiding students learning online
    • Items graded in Glow or submitted through an assignment can have their grades appear in the gradebook.
    • Glow also provides a tool to download student submittals, and for commenting and providing feedback directly on student work in the SpeedGrader.

Need Help? Contact Us!

If you’d like to explore any of these suggestions or would like to learn more, please email [email protected] or contact your Instructional Technology liaison.