Web Print

Web Print is the quickest and easiest way for students to print from a personal device to one of the public printers around campus. Web Print works while on the campus network or connected through the Williams VPN from off campus.

Go to our PaperCut website and log in with your Williams username (ex. abc1) and Network password (same as email): https://print.williams.edu:9192/

Select Web Print from the menu on the left. Then click the Submit a Job button.

Select the printer you want to use . We recommend using one of following printers as they are the most accessible to students:

Printer Name  Location
print\Sawyer-Level3-Cluster (virtual) Sawyer Library level 3 print room
print\Schow_Public_Cluster (virtual) Schow Library main entrance
print\HP-Schow-Public-Color Schow Library main entrance
print\Schow_Lab_Cluster Schow Library Lab
print\HP-Sawyer-Lobby Outside the Sawyer lobby in Stetson Hall
print\Jesup_Maindesk_Cluster (virtual) Jesup Hall lobby
print\Jesup_Maindesk_Color_Cluster (virtual) Jesup Hall lobby

After choosing a printer click the Print Options & Account Selection button below the list.

Now choose the number of copies you need then click the Upload Documents button to select the file you would like to print.
Note: Web Print supports different file formats but a pdf is the most reliable format.  You can save any document as a .pdf before uploading.

Once you have chosen your file click the Upload & Complete button.

You should be taken to a screen where you see the job process. After it completes it should be waiting on the printer for you.

Please contact the student help desk at x3088 or [email protected] if you have any questions.