Printing Allotments

  • Student Printing Allotments

    For the Fall and Spring semesters, Williams will provide $50.00 worth of free printing for underclassmen (the equivalent of 500 double-sided, black-and-white pages). Seniors are given a larger printing allotments due to the higher expectations of writing intensive course work. This allotment should meet the needs of about 90% of all students with no change in printing habits.

    Semester Class Free Printing Allotment
    Fall First-years, Sophomores & Juniors $50.00
    Fall Seniors $75.00
    Spring First-years, Sophomores & Juniors $50.00
    Spring Seniors - non-thesis $75.00
    Spring Seniors - thesis $100.00

    Allotment FAQs

    I am a financial aid thesis student, can I get assistance with my printing expenses?

    Financial aid recipients enrolled in a thesis or project for honors at graduation are entitled to a yearly maximum of $125 for such items as printing, copying, binding and other related research expenses. The grant will automatically be sent to their direct deposit bank account shortly after the drop/add period closes.

    How will I know if I'm getting close to using all of my current allotment?

    You will be notified three times by email that you are approaching the end of your print allotment: once when your account credit drops below $10.00 (about 100 double-sided pages remaining), again at $5.00, and finally at $2.50. You can also check your account at any time by visiting If you do not have enough pages in your current allotment for a print job, a pop-up notification will alert you and you will not be able to print it on a networked printer until you add credits to your account.

    What if I need to add printing credits to my allotment?

    Most students, with reasonable effort and management of printing practices, will be able to meet their academic printing needs with the initial allotment. While the free print allotment was designed to meet most students' academic needs, there is no guarantee that all your academic printing will be provided free of charge. Talk to your professor about getting printed course packets prepared for long readings. How to add print credits to your account

    What happens to my balance at the end of the semester?

    At the end of each period (semester, and summer), any unused portion of the free allotment will be cleared from your account, and a new allotment credited to your account at the beginning of the next semester. Any remaining purchased printing credits will be carried forward each semester during your time at Williams.

    I need to print something for my student group or job. Will I get charged for those?

    If you print these documents from your personal account, your account will be debited. Student organizations and departments can request group accounts

  • Why Does Williams Have Printing Allotments?

    Williams is continually seeking ways to reduce paper waste and costs, conserve energy, and minimize the environmental impacts associated with printing and paper use through the combined efforts from:

    • Information Technology Committee
    • Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives
    • College Libraries
    • Office for Information Technology
    • College Council
    • Campus Environmental Advisory Committee

    During the Fall '08, student printing alone accounted for the use of over 500,000 pieces of paper. At Williams a significant amount of paper is recycled which reduces environmental effects, but the negative impact of paper production, transportation, use and disposal is not eliminated. It is estimated that 40% of the solid mass in landfills is paper and paperboard waste in the US.

    Some paper management initiatives have recently started on campus. For example, Williams is now stocking its printers with 100% post-consumer recycled paper, Human Resources department is offering online paystubs, the Controllers Office is moving toward electronic vendor payments, and Alumni Affairs and Development are increasing its use of high-quality recycled content paper for their publications and increasing their online distributions.

    Several of the cost savings ideas submitted to the College recently encouraged finding ways to reduce paper use on campus and specifically cited the reduction of the proliferation of flyers and posters routinely distributed around campus. In response to these environmental and financial concerns, Williams will be enforcing printing allotments in the Fall of '09.

    While printing documents that include readings, assignments, and homework is a necessary and important part of the education, we can develop more responsible printing practices.


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