Print Troubleshooting

I just set up my Mac to print using the print server, but there aren’t any printers listed when I try to print.

After configuring the print server for the first time you will need to return to and select the printer/s that you would like to add to your computer.  Directions may be found here. 

I just set up printing, but nothing comes out of the printer.

Make sure you are logged into the PaperCut print server client.  (If you right+click the PC-Client icon on the Taskbar (Ctrl+click on a Mac)  and it shows “unauthenticated $500”  then you are not logged in)

The printer release station doesn’t display any of the documents that I sent to the printer.

This usually happens because the last person to use the release station didn’t log out.  Go ahead and log them out, and try sending the print job again, logged in as yourself.

I printed a PDF file and it’s printing VERY slowly.

All PDFs are not created equal. If you’re running Adobe’s Acrobat Reader or Acrobat Professional, choose
File -> Print and select the Advanced button and choose the Print as Image option.

  • OSX printing is tricky from Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. You need to make these changes to the program's default settings:


    Print using ASCII encoding instead of Binary. To change this setting you go to File: Print with Preview: Encoding: ASCII. It should save that as the default from then on.


    Print using ASCII encoding instead of Binary. To change this setting you go to File: Print: Graphics: Data Format: ASCII


    Illustrator files are saved as PDFs and printed from Acrobat. Illustrator: Has no option to print ASCII, so the most reliable method is to save the Illustrator file as a PDF document, then print that from Acrobat Reader, InDesign or Photoshop.

    More technical information

    There has been a general problem with color printing from OSX computers, specifically printing over the network to HP laser jet printers. There are two common symptoms:

    1. A print job comes out as postscript garbage (many pages with random characters...this can often be several hundred pages worth)
    2. The printer flashes Error 49 and needs to be rebooted. Error 49 is the printers way of telling you it doesn't know what to do with the print job you just sent. HP generally blames the problem on the application that is doing the printing. One suggestion from HP was to replace the firmware chips on the printers, which we are in the process of doing, but I believe this will only be a partial solution.

    The most problematic applications seem to be Photoshop and Illustrator, although Internet postings indicate all the Adobe programs are susceptible to creating errors on HP printers, due to the way the HP printers interpret postscript.

    InDesign and Photoshop have an option to compress the file before it gets to the printer. Since color print jobs are often many megabytes in size, a compressed version can save a lot of time. With Photoshop you can print Binary (high compression), JPG (some compression), or ASCII (no compression) format. With InDesign you can print Binary or ASCII. Binary ALWAYS fails, and will give the postscript garbage errors (or Error 49). It appears as though JPG and ASCII always print ok. By default, Photoshop prints Binary.

    Once the change is made to print ASCII, the applications appear to print various formats without difficulty, including JPGs, GIFs, PSDs, PDFs, TIFFs, etc....