Ordering Toner for a Printer/Copier

HP & Xerox Networked Printers

Connecticut Business Systems (CBS), our print management company, supplies toner for all of our networked HP & Xerox printers on campus. All of these printers have a CBS sticker with a tag#, which is used to order toner online for your department:

Click here to order toner.  Bookmark the page for easier access next time.  Since meter reads are obtained automatically, please enter n/a in this field on the form.

Konica Bizhub & Lexmark Networked Copiers/Printers

MacFarlane’s Office Products is responsible for supplying toner for all of the Konica Bizhub and Lexmark copier/printers on campus. You can call their supplies department at 413-442-9758 or complete their online form.

OIT covers the cost of all of the toner for networked printers/copiers.  If you ever receive an invoice for toner from CBS or MacFarlanes, please direct them to Terri-Lynn Hurley in OIT.

Individual departments are responsible for purchasing toner for all local printers.  OIT encourages you to shop for the best toner prices from reputable companies like WB Mason, Staples or Amazon.

Updated 4/16/20 by Terri-Lynn Hurley