How to add a printer

Once the PaperCut NG software is installed on a computer it is very easy to select and add printer.  You must be logged into Papercut to install printers.


  • Most of our computers already have a folder on the Desktop named “Williams Printers”, within the folder is a listing of printers based on their location.
  • Once you have found the printer that you want to add just double-click it and if prompted, OK driver updates.   Once the small, rectangular printer window appears you have successfully installed the printer.
    If you DO NOT have a folder on the Desktop named “Williams Printers” do the following:
  • Click on the Windows search field and type \\\locations
  • A window will pop up with the location folders of all of our campus printers
  • Find the location/printer you want and double click it, go with the defaults as it installs.


  • Go to:
  • Proceed to Step 2: Installation & Setup Part 2. Select your printers (this will take you further down the page)
  • You will be presented with a list of printers, scroll through to locate the one that you want to add, then select it and download the file.
  • Once the file is downloaded you will need to double-click it to complete the installation. (If a security policy prevents the installation read the note below)Note: Occasionally the security settings on your Mac may prevent the installation to complete so you will need to go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy. Select the button “General”. You need to select the option to “Allow apps downloaded from anywhere” to be selected.  To do this you will first need to click the padlock icon and enter the password for your Mac, then make the selection. You should then be able to continue with the printer installation. 

Updated 4/16/20 by Terri-Lynn Hurley