Printing to PDF

On Mac Select “Print” in any application and when the system print dialog box appears click on “PDF” and select “Save as PDF”. Then save the file to your computer.                 On Windows Select the “Print” option in any application and… Continue reading »

Web Print

Web Print is the quickest and easiest way for students to print from a personal device to one of the public printers around campus. Web Print works while on the campus network or connected through the Williams VPN from off campus. Go to our PaperCut website and log in with… Continue reading »

How to add a printer

Follow the below directions to add a printer to your computer. Keep in mind you will need the PaperCut NG software is installed on a computer and you must be logged into Papercut to print. For information and troubleshooting PaperCut see: Windows Add new printers: Most OIT… Continue reading »

Ordering Toner for a Printer/Copier

HP & Xerox Networked Printers Connecticut Business Systems (CBS), our print management company, supplies toner for all of our networked HP & Xerox printers on campus. All of these printers have a CBS sticker with a tag#, which is used to order toner online for your department: Click here… Continue reading »

Print and PaperCut Troubleshooting (Fac/Staff)

I just set up my Mac or PC but there aren’t any printers listed when I try to print. You are able to easily add printers yourself see: I just tried to print, but nothing comes out of the printer. Make sure you are logged into the PaperCut… Continue reading »

Student PaperCut Accounts

Account Info Log In This login is for viewing information about your printing usage, not for logging into PaperCut to print Logging in to view PaperCut stats: See how much money is left on… Continue reading »

Printing Allotments

Printing Allotments Student Printing Allotments For the Fall and Spring semesters, Williams will provide $50.00 worth of free printing for underclassmen (the equivalent of 500 double-sided, black-and-white pages). Seniors are given a larger printing allotments due to the higher expectations of writing intensive course work. This allotment should meet the needs of about 90% of… Continue reading »

Printing Overview

You Can’t Print Without PaperCut The Account: Williams faculty, staff and students all have PaperCut accounts. Visitors can create an account by purchasing a print card in Sawyer Library. The Software: PaperCut must be installed on the computer you’re printing from. Public campus computers already have it installed. To set up PaperCut on… Continue reading »

Printing Posters & Flyers

Posters and flyers may be printed for academic or non-academic purposes. Academic posters and flyers may be printed at no cost, but non-academic posters and flyers may incur a charge. Posters may only be printed by professional staff, but flyers may be printed by anyone with a PaperCut account. Continue reading »