Voicemail: Voicemail to Email Notification

You have the ability to turn on voicemail to email notification.  With most browsers, you can play the voicemail but with browsers updating on their own it isn’t always reliable.  We have found that just receiving an email notification that a voicemail has been left at your extension is helpful.  The email will contain the time the message came in and if caller ID is available, who left the message.

  • To turn notification on, go to http://vmail.williams.edu and login with your network username and password.
  • Click on Messaging Assistant
  • Click on Notification Devices – View Notification Devices
  • A list will come up and next to HTML & SMTP will be your email address, click the Enable box next to which notification you wish to receive and click Save at the bottom.  If your email address is not listed, click on your notification choice and add your email address in the To: field.  Click Enable Notification at the top of the page & click Save at the bottom of the page.    The only difference between the two notifications is visual, they will both contain the same information.html notification smtp notification

Updated 4/15/20 by Terri-Lynn Hurley