Student Landlines

All student rooms are equipped with telephone jacks, but they must be activated. Although most students prefer to use cell phones for more convenient communication with friends and family, one can request to have a landline phone to use in one’s room. If you request to have a landline a phone will be provided at the beginning of the academic year, and must be returned before leaving for the summer. The service is for local and incoming calls only and you must sign up with a private carrier for a long distance calling card if you want long distance service.
To activate the landline telephone jack in your room do one of the following:

  • Contact the Student HelpDesk by calling 413-597-3088
  • If on campus or have VPN access Go to, login (short username, without and your password you use for email, and chose WHD Telecom/Phones, and New Extension.

Please provide as much information to the Student Support Desk and/or on the online form as possible, including the Dorm, room number, cell number to reach you at to coordinate the activation if necessary.   If you know the jack number in the room please provide it.

You may activate your telephone jack at any time, however it is best to do this before the beginning of the fall term so it will be available when you arrive. It may take up 3 business days to activate.

It is imperative that Campus Safety and Security has access to your cell phone number, if you have one, to reach you in case of an emergency!

Further, the College subscribes to an off-premises emergency contact system which can be used to quickly notify all campus members by phone or text message in the event of an emergency situation.  If you have no cell phone, the dorm phone will be called if you have activated it.  Emergency messages are also sent out via email.
Please ensure that your phone information is up to date in the Peoplesoft student system by checking:

Self Service > Campus Personal Information > Phone Numbers.