OIT Headset Policy

Headsets can be valuable aids for employees who use the phone system frequently in their work. However, given the cost of these devices, OIT will only fund the purchase of headsets when they are necessary for the employee to effectively carry out their responsibilities.  Below is the current policy followed by OIT for headset replacement/procurement.

Headset replacement related to phone system transition

While OIT has verified that a number of headsets currently in use continue to work with the new VoIP phone system, some employees have experienced issues with their current headsets on the new system.  Any user that has a headset that is not working properly on the new system can contact OIT (Faculty/Staff Support Desk x4090) and OIT will provide a replacement as long as the following conditions are met:

  1. Supervisor of employee confirms that a headset is necessary for the employee’s job
  2. Williams College purchased the original headset
  3. The existing headset doesn’t function properly with new phones
  4. The existing headset was in use immediately prior to the phone system upgrade in February 2015
  5. The existing headset is returned to OIT

Replacement headsets will be the Jabra Pro 9450 Mono Flex Wireless headset.

Purchase of new headsets

A department wishing to purchase a headset for an employee who does not currently have a headset should work with OIT to order the device. Should a department not have the funds to support such a purchase but believe that a headset is necessary for an employee to effectively carry out their work, the department head should request that OIT cover the cost of the headset.

Last Updated April 5, 2016