Extension Mobility - Logging into your phone

Extension Mobility allows someone to load their extension on a phone.  Williams will be using extension mobility where people temporarily move to different offices, specifically faculty.  Once fully implemented, when a faculty member is assigned  a new office, they no longer will need to contact OIT to move their extension, they will be able to just log into the phone in their new office, and that phone will load their profile.

We have a hand full of faculty buildings using extension mobility now.   Our plan is to be able to use this feature in all of the faculty offices on campus soon.

In order to use extension mobility both your account and the phone you are logging into must be configured for it.  If the phone is configured for extension mobility, you should see a button on the phone that says Extension Mobility – Login, or a button that says Logout.

To login to the phone, press the button labeled “Extension Mobility – Login” (If there is a logout button, press logout first to logout the person previously logged in on the phone).

You will need to enter your short username (userID) by using the old school texting method on the number pad.  If there is already a username in that field, there will be a button on the screen that will backspace/erase.  There is a circle with two white dots on it, press the lower white dot, to navigate to the PIN field.  Your pin is the last four digits of your Peoplesoft ID# (employee ID).  Press the submit key and the phone will reset with your extension.   You do not need to logout until you leave the office.  At that time, you can hit the logout button.


Updated 4/3/20 by Terri-Lynn Hurley