Extended Absence Greeting

Alternate greetings are the new extended absence greeting. When your alternate greeting is set, callers will hear your message but not able to leave one for you.

The benefit to the alternate greeting is that you can set the expiration date by logging into vmail.williams.edu and setting the end date. Your voicemail message will automatically switch back to your standard greeting on the date you choose.

There are two ways to set the end date of your alternate greeting:

  • Using Firefox or Chrome, login to https://vmail.williams.edu with your Williams network username & password (do not include the @williams.edu)
  • Click on Messaging Assistant, Greetings – View Greetings
  • Click on Alternate and select Enabled Until & choose the date & time.
  • Click Save at the bottom of the screen.

Or you can choose the date and time of the alternate greeting from the phone:

  • Login to voicemail on the phone
  • Select 4 for setup options – 1 to change greeting – 2 to turn the alternate greeting on
  • Follow prompts for setting an end date & to record your alternate greeting

It is recommended that you use your phone to record your greeting and not do it through your computer.


Updated 4/3/20 by Terri-Lynn Hurley