Phones & Voicemail

Contact the Controller’s Office for cell phone orders/upgrades and billing questions.

Extension Mobility – Logging into your phone

Extension Mobility allows someone to load their extension on a phone.  Williams will be using extension mobility where people temporarily move to different offices, specifically faculty.  Once fully implemented, when a faculty member is assigned  a new office, they no longer will need to contact OIT to move their extension,… Continue reading »

Voicemail: Resetting your pin/password

If you are unsure of your voicemail pin/password, you are able to reset it yourself by logging in with your Williams email password. Browse to Login in with your Williams short username and password Click on Messaging Assistant Click on Passwords at the top – Change Pin After… Continue reading »

Voicemail: Voicemail to Email Notification

You have the ability to turn on voicemail to email notification.  With most browsers, you can play the voicemail but with browsers updating on their own it isn’t always reliable.  We have found that just receiving an email notification that a voicemail has been left at your extension is helpful. Continue reading »

Conference Calls

How do I make a conference call? From an active call, press Conference Make a new call. Press Conference again (after the party answers). The conference begins and the phone displays “Conference.” Repeat these steps to add up to four participants.   Reviewed 4/3/20 by Terri-Lynn Hurley… Continue reading »

Voicemail: Setup

Setting up your voicemail Go to: Login using your Williams short username and the password that you use for email Click on Messaging Assistant > Passwords (on menu at top of page) Click on “Change PIN”    PIN has a minimum of 4 digits, we recommend… Continue reading »

Telephone Quick Start Guides

Model 7821 & 7841 Model 7821 has two buttons one side of the display, the 7841 has two buttons on each side allowing for two more features if needed. Tip: To adjust the phone's "high" or "low" angle pull the silver stand out from the back and flip… Continue reading »

Forwarding Calls

Transfer directly to someone’s voicemail Hit Transfer, * then the extension & Transfer again. Forward your phone to voicemail Press the CFwdALL (Forward All) soft key. Press the Voicemail Button. To cancel call forwarding press CFwdALL (Forward All) soft key. Forward your phone to another extension Press the CFwdALL (Forward All)… Continue reading »

Conference Phone Policy

Conference phones can be valuable aids for employees who have meetings with large groups of people. However, given the cost of these devices, OIT will only fund the purchase of conference phones when their use meets a certain level of need.  Not all locations need a permanent conference phone, but… Continue reading »

Extended Absence Greeting

Alternate greetings are the new extended absence greeting. When your alternate greeting is set, callers will hear your message but not able to leave one for you. The benefit to the alternate greeting is that you can set the expiration date by logging into and setting the end date. Continue reading »

Online Phone Utilities

Cisco Personal Communications   Use the Cisco Personal Communications Assistant to reset your PIN and make other changes in your voicemail system. You can easily set an end date to alternate greetings.  Your greeting will automatically set back to your… Continue reading »

Voicemail: Message Checking

Voicemail Shortcuts More voicemail commands Checking voicemail from a computer Enabling Voicemail to Email Notification You can receive an email notification when a voicemail is left on your extension.  There are two different types of email you can receive, html & smtp. Continue reading »

OIT Headset Policy

Purchase of new headsets OIT recommends using Jabra headsets with our phone system.  Departments should order their own headsets.  If you have any questions on a particular model, please contact [email protected] and a ticket will be entered for you. Updated  2/10/22 by Terri-Lynn Hurley… Continue reading »

Student Landlines

All student rooms are equipped with telephone jacks, but they must be activated. Although most students prefer to use cell phones for more convenient communication with friends and family, one can request to have a landline phone to use in one’s room. If you request to have a landline a… Continue reading »