Recording from Zoom to Panopto

Williams first subscribed to Zoom in the early days of the pandemic to support remote teaching, and it was set up so that cloud-recorded Zoom meetings were automatically uploaded to Glow and Panopto. (Panopto is the video streaming service used by Glow.) At the time, that made good sense, since Zoom was overwhelmingly used for classes and instruction.

However, Zoom is now used across the campus in many different contexts, and automatically moving all those hours of Zoom footage into Glow unnecessarily uses up our storage in Panopto. To that end, on December 12th the automatic connection between Zoom recordings and Glow will be stopped. Instead, you’ll either have to manually opt-in if you want all your Zoom recordings to continue to move into Glow, or you’ll need to manually upload individual recordings. If you don’t need your Zoom recordings to go to Glow or Panopto then you don’t need to do anything and can stop reading! Otherwise, this document will help you decide which is the best approach and provides links to instructions for making it happen. Read on! (And remember, you can email [email protected] with questions at any time).

  • If you don’t record in Zoom, or don’t record Zoom meetings to the cloud (i.e., you only record Zoom to your local computer), or don’t use Panopto, or don’t want to use Panopto for Zoom recordings, then you’re done! You don’t need to take any action. Any Zoom cloud recordings already moved to Panopto will stay there, but new cloud recordings will not be moved.
  • If you do record Zoom meetings to the cloud, note that videos will be saved in Zoom for 90 days. This is an increase from the previous 21 days, and is effective immediately. If you want to share your videos with others but don’t need them to persist for more than 90 days, remember that you can share them directly from within Zoom. To do this, you don’t need to take any action at this time, but can continue recording in Zoom as usual, and sharing your videos from there. Zoom provides instructions for sharing recorded video.
  • If you record Zoom meetings, but only occasionally need one added to Panopto or to your course in Glow, or only occasionally need one preserved for more than 90 days, we’d recommend that you manually upload just those recordings that you need to Panopto. You can download video from Zoom using the instructions here, and upload to Glow/Panopto with the instructions here. If this is you, again you don’t need to take any action at this time. Zoom cloud recording will continue to work as it always has, and the occasional videos that you upload to Panopto/Glow (Course Media Gallery) will be available in your courses once uploaded as they always have.
  • If all or most of the Zoom meetings you record are so that you can save them to share with your classes, we’d recommend that you opt-in to keep the automatic process working. There are instructions for doing that here, but note that you won’t be able to opt-in until December 12. After 12/12 and once you’ve followed the instructions to opt-in, recording will continue working for you just as it always has.
  • If you’re reading this after December 12th, and just discovered that some of your meetings that you’d hoped would be in Panopto are not, remember they will be in Zoom for 90 days from the date of the meeting. You can download them from Zoom and then upload them to Panopto following the instructions for occasional uploads above.
  • Finally, if you need to preserve your Zoom meetings for longer than 90 days, but you don’t need to share them with your class, and preserving them was the only reason that you were putting them in Panopto, there may be better alternatives. Please contact Academic Technology and we can provide some options.