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What is GLOW?

GLOW is Williams’ Course Management System and it is Canvas by Instructure in the backend. ( It’s a web-based and easy to use platform that supports instructors in their teaching and communication with students. GLOW provides a suite of tools that makes it easy to put course materials online, including video and audio. It can also help faculty engage with students in a variety of ways including discussion forums, the online scheduling of office hours and lab experiments, and the assignment collection and grading of quizzes and homework to name a few.

Check out our GLOW Course Prep for Teaching Checklist
It outlines essential actions to get your course ready, as well as highlighting more advanced uses of the platform and other embedded tools to enhance your students’ overall learning experience.

And the Glow Orientation course, a self-paced online introduction to using any of the tools in Glow + GLOW Sample Courses.