GLOW (Course Management System)

GLOW — New Features of Assignments and Quizzes

How do I avoid implicit bias in Grading? Can I reassign submissions after making comments/feedback? If you are wondering, take a look at these new features that have been implemented recently on Glow. Anonymous Grading: Selecting the anonymous grading option hides student names from graders when they view assignment… Continue reading »

Student pronouns now visible in GLOW

Student provided pronouns from the Williams Student Records are now being automatically displayed in GLOW and are visible to others in your classes. For more information: Continue reading »

GLOW: Assignment and Page Duplication (New Feature)

As of July 15, 2017, instructors can duplicate existing Assignments and Pages. The duplication option for the Assignments is located in the Settings menu for every available assignment. When an assignment is copied, the word Copy is added to the end of the assignment name.   The duplication option for the Page is… Continue reading »

GLOW: The new Course Media Gallery

The new video streaming service (Panopto) in GLOW is available now replacing the old system, Kaltura. While we are working on the transition, note that both the old and new systems will be available. However, please start using “Panopto Media Gallery” for your Fall courses instead of “Course Media Gallery.” Here… Continue reading »

What is GLOW?

Glow is Williams’ Course Management System ( It’s a web-based and easy to use platform that supports instructors in their teaching and communication with students. Glow provides a suite of tools that makes it easy to put course materials online, including video and audio. It can… Continue reading »

GLOW: Dashboard Course Images (beta)

Course cards on the Dashboard can contain an image as uploaded through Course Settings. Images can be dragged and dropped into the browser window or uploaded from a computer. Accepted images include JPG, JPEG, GIF, and PNG files.  … Continue reading »

Manually Adding Users, New Process

The new workflow asks instructors to specifically select how they are adding a user: email address, login ID, or SIS ID.  (SIS ID is not correctly working.)  Multiple entries can be copied from a spreadsheet file. Entries can be added by commas or spaces.  … Continue reading »

Google Apps LTI

Canvas (a.k.a.GLOW) released the Google Apps LTI at the beginning of the year. It supports Google Drive in GLOW. Currently, the Instructional Technology group is testing the LTI. It is new and is a little buggy, but has potential to be a great tool. If you are interested in learning… Continue reading »

Top Glow FAQs – Read Me First

Faculty Q: How do I make my course available to my students? The home page of your course will indicate that it is unpublished and have a button for publishing to make the course available for students. Click the Publish button under “Course Status”  in the upper right hand… Continue reading »

GLOW: Complete FAQs for Students

This page provides a quick guide and list of FAQs to help students get started with Glow Log in You can login to the Glow service at You should use your regular Williams username and password. If you can’t login and/or need to reset your… Continue reading »

Glow Help – HOME

What is GLOW? GLOW is Williams’ Course Management System and it is Canvas by Instructure in the backend. ( It’s a web-based and easy to use platform that supports instructors in their teaching and communication with students. GLOW provides a suite of tools that… Continue reading »

GLOW: Complete FAQs for Instructors

Course Setup | Course tools | Additional Info Course Setup First time using GLOW Getting started with GlOW This page provides a how-to guide and an introduction to the key concepts of Glow to help instructors get started. The same content is also available as a… Continue reading »