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Working through disruption

Advice to keep your department functioning during a disruption Start planning now – regardless of how the current situation unfolds, this is important work, plan now and you will be better prepared for any emergency. Identify your department’s most critical functions, focus on them… Continue reading »

Request General Assistance

If you do not have a Williams College account but require assistance from the Faculty/Staff Support Desk please use the form below. If you do have a Williams account please use the form found at:  General Help Request Form "*" indicates… Continue reading »

Printing Overview

You Can’t Print Without PaperCut The Account: Williams faculty, staff and students all have PaperCut accounts. Visitors can create an account by purchasing a print card in Sawyer Library. The Software: PaperCut must be installed on the computer you’re printing from. Public campus computers already have it installed. To set up PaperCut on… Continue reading »

First Days Computing Guide

Please read the important guides below regarding college accounts, getting your computer on the network, computer security and other fun and important information that will help you get online quickly and safely at Williams. If you have not purchased a computer for use while you are at Williams see:… Continue reading »

Student Guide to Technology at Williams

Recommended Brands for student computers OIT recommends Apple and Dell computers for their reliability and configurations.  Dell has service technicians in the area who make service calls to the college for computers requiring warranty repair. Williams College is committed to supporting both PCs and Macs. Academic departments and our… Continue reading »