Using Mail Merge with Attachments (MMwA) for mail merges

Williams has switched to Mail Merge with Attachments as its licensed mail merge tool replacing the older YAMM (Yet Another Mail Merge) tool.



    1. In Chrome, go to the MMwA page in the G Suite Marketplace
    2. Click the blue Install button.
    3. Click Continue to consent to the install.
    4. If prompted, choose your Williams account to associate.
    5. You'll see a list of the various permissions that Mail Merge needs granted in order to work.  Click on the Allow button to continue.
    6. Once the install is completed open a Google Sheet, go to the Extensions menu -> Mail Merge with Attachments and select Restore License.
    7. The Activate Premium License dialog will open. Copy and paste in the Williams' license key
    8. When you see the message "License Activated. Please reload the sheet!", click on the reload button in your browser window to do so.  All options should now be visible under Extensions -> Mail Merge with Attachments
  • Note the data source will be a Google Sheet which must contain a column titled "Email Address".  The message / text source can be several things, but we recommend using a gmail Draft so the formatting comes out the way you expect.

    1. Create a gmail Draft of your text.  Use braces (aka curly brackets) to create the custom entries.  They look like this:  {{ }}
      1. For example:   Dear {{First}}  will pull the correct entry from a column titled First
      2. Note this is different than YAMM which used double angle brackets <<First>>
    2. In the Google sheet choose Extensions -> Mail Merge with Attachments -> Enable Mail Merge
    3. Extensions -> Mail Merge with Attachments -> Create Merge Sheet.   The sheet will be checked and prepared.
    4. To start the merge choose Extensions - >Mail Merge with Attachments -> Configure Mail Merge
    5. The configurator will open on the right.
      1. If you have more than one sending address select the one the message should come from.
      2. Enter the appropriate Sender's Name (normally just your name).  Click Continue.
      3. Choose tracking options if needed, or leave all blank.  Click Continue.
      4. If you prepared a gmail Draft already select that option, then choose the correct Draft.
      5. ALWAYS send a test email first so you can review the message in your inbox.  When ready select Run Mail Merge, then Go.