Preventing scanned documents from Konica/Bizhubs from going to spam

In a recent update, Google has started to flag scanned documents from Konica Bizhubs as spam.  There are three methods for preventing this from happening. Which ever method you choose, it will need to be done within your email settings in gmail through a browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.)

  1. Go into your Spam folder & click on one of the emails from the Konica Bizhub. At the top of the screen there is a Not Spam button. Click that button and this email and all future emails from that Konica will go into your inbox.  This step may need to be repeated if Google releases another update.
  2. Add the Konica Bizhub sender’s address to your contacts.  Within the email, hover your cursor over the sender’s address. A pop up window will appear, click Add to contacts.
  3. Create a filter:
    1. Go to Settings
    2. Click on the heading Filters and Blocked Addresses
    3. Click Create a new filter
    4. In the From field, type in the exact sender’s address used by your Konica Bizhub (you can find that in one of the emails from the Konica Bizhub). Click Create filter with this search
    5. Click the box for Never send it to Spam & then click Create filter

If you are unsure of the sender’s address for your Konica Bizhub, please contact the Faculty Staff Support Desk at x4090.

For information from Google regarding this issue, please read this Google support document.