Mail Merge in Gmail

Williams now uses Gmail’s built in mail merge tool as a replacement for Mail Merge With Attachments (MMwA).

Please check out our basic instructions below.  For more detailed instructions and additional tips you can also check out Google’s instructions at the link here.

  • Instead of adding recipients to your message directly, you can load recipients from a spreadsheet where each row contains information for a different recipient. You can use any column from your spreadsheet as a merge tag in Gmail, so you can personalize messages with more information.

    Important: Contact information must be in the first tab of your spreadsheet and can only contain text.

    1. On your computer, open Gmail.
    2. At the top left, click Compose.
      • You can also open an existing draft.
    3. Go to the "To:" line.
    4. Click Use mail merge.
    5. Turn on Mail merge.
    6. Click Add from a spreadsheet.
    7. Select a spreadsheet, then click Link.
    8. Use the dropdown menus to select the columns from the spreadsheet to determine each recipient's address (e.g. Lisa Rodriguez <[email protected]>). You can choose the following contact information from your spreadsheet:
      • Email
      • First name
      • Last name (optional)
    9. Click Finish.
      • Your spreadsheet is added to the “To:” line in the message.
    10. In your message, enter “@.”
    11. (Optional) Select a merge tag.
      • Merge tags are determined by the column headers in your spreadsheet.
    12. (Optional) To select a merge tag, press Enter.
    13. Click Send when done.