Multifactor Authentication

Hackers want your password and it can be exposed through a number of methods like phishing, a compromised computer or through a data breach at another service like LinkedIn.

Did you know we have a system in place that will prevent bad actors from accessing your Williams account even if they know your password?

2-Factor Authentication - Something you know + Something you have

Multifactor authentication means that users must verify their identity in two or more ways to gain access to their account. They can be things such as passwords, answers to security questions, phones (SMS or voice call), and authentication apps, such as Okta Verify. In Okta, these ways for users to verify their identity are called authenticators.

Okta supports a wide variety of authenticators,.Williams has elected to require Okta Verify when a user activates their account.

For more information on Williams Okta see:

I’ve heard about 2-step but I’m concerned about access because I travel a lot.

Once it is set up on your mobile device the Okta verify app has a code generator that will give you code to log into your account even without cell or Wi-Fi service.

Won’t 2-step slow me down when I log in?

A simple click of a ‘Yes It’s me’ prompt on your mobile device it all you need to do. If you are having issues with the login process please contact client services and we can show you the best practice for getting into your account quickly.

imagesOther sites that use 2 Factor Authentication

Now that your William’s account is nicely secured, what about all the rest of your accounts on the internet? You’re in luck, many other popular websites like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, PayPal and LinkedIn allow you to enable 2 Factor Authentication. In addition your bank & credit card providers probably offer this as well. See for a fairly comprehensive list of sites that offer this type of service.