Unwanted Browser Notifications

A recent tactic for Phishers and Spammers is to trick users to allow notifications on websites. They will use these notifications to spam you with ads and fake virus messages. The intent is for users to click these messages then install their software or allow someone to remote into your computer. They often claim to be from Microsoft, MacAfee and other known companies that want to “Clean” your computer. Do not download or install anything in an effort to get rid of these messages as they false. Website notifications themselves are not virus and should not compromise your computer.

Examples of a spam notifications:

To remove the notifications follow these direction for the browser you use:

    1. Open Google Chrome, enter chrome://settings/content/notifications in the URL bar, then press Enter.
    2. A list of sites permitted to send notifications is listed below the Allow heading.
    3. Click the triple-dot  icon beside the site for which you wish to modify notifications.
    4. Click Remove to stop the site from sending notifications. The next time you visit the site, it may re-prompt you to enable notifications.

      – OR –
      Click Block to disallow the site from ever sending notifications. Blocking a site will prevent that site from sending notifications and prompting you to allow notifications.

    Repeat these steps for each listed website to customize your Google Chrome notifications. See Google Chrome - Turn notifications on or off for more detail.

  • Open the Firefox menu, select Settings and under the Privacy & Security section, scroll down to Permissions.

    Open the Notification Settings and you should be able to remove the websites that are unwanted.

  • Go to Safari's Preferences (or Settings) menu > Websites > Notifications, and remove everything there that you do not recognize or want. See the illustration below.

    When you are finished, it should look like this:

If you need further assistance please contact OTI at x4090 or email [email protected]