CrowdStrike Falcon

Williams is now using CrowdStrike Falcon to protect its servers and endpoints. CrowdStrike Falcon is an Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) app.  Unlike traditional Anti-virus that relies heavily on scanning files against a list of know threats. EDR is an integrated, layered approach to endpoint protection that combines real-time continuous monitoring and endpoint data analytics with rule-based automated response. That means there is nothing clients need to do as the protection is automatic. It will always run in the background to protect the device. From our admin console OIT is notified of any threats. If needed a member of OIT will contact clients mitigate a threat on their device.

This replaces the Sophos Anti-Virus application that Williams had used in the past. Newly issued Williams computers should already have the CrowdStrike Falcon app installed. Computer currently in use by clients will get CrowdStrike Falcon as OIT pushes the app to devices.

If you have any questions please contact OIT by email [email protected] or x4090.