Seniors guide to saving and transferring files

Your Williams accounts will remain open until July 1, then will close and be deleted shortly after.  Google now charges for storage, so we need to clear space for the next class.  If you want to save your email, docs, photos, drive files or any other Google data you need to transfer or download those before then.   If you created a Microsoft account to get Word, Excel or to save files in OneDrive you will lose access to those as well so plan ahead.

If you have Google Drive files which should stay with the college, from work with a professor or for a department, you will need to change ownership of those files or they will be permanently deleted.  Here are directions for changing ownership of folders and files in Drive .   You can also move files and folders you own to a Shared Drive for preservation.  This would be common solution if you created and own content that should stay with an RSO or student group.  Your professor or a Williams staff member can create the Shared Drive, give you Content Manager rights, then you can move your data there for them to manage.  Or email [email protected] to have OIT create a Shared Drive for you.
Options for saving your personal Google data:
Google Transfer – will move ALL Drive and/or Email to a personal Google account.  Make sure you have enough space on your personal account to accept it all.  Can take several weeks to finish.
Google Takeout – more selective, you can choose which Drive and email folders to save.  Can also do YouTube content, Google Photos, Google Play and many other services.
Download to computer – simply download your Drive folders to your computer.  You can do this with Photos also.
If you are part of a student group and think you may have records of historical value, please reach out to the  Records Manager  who can help you digitally preserve your materials for future access. We want to make sure the diverse voices of students do not decay in the digital deluge!
If you’d like to save your Williams web Sites data please see:

Set up Alumni forwarding so you can receive new email sent to your Williams email address:

If you created accounts like LinkedIn or Facebook or any other services using your [email protected] you will want to set up Alumni forwarding, or change the login email now.  If you wait until after July 1 you will need Alumi forwarding set up so that when you log in to change the service to your personal email or to reset the password you can receive the confirmation emails to [email protected]
If you have questions about any of this please contact the student support desk at [email protected]


If you are working for the college after you graduate your account will stay active and Alumni Forwarding will be disabled as long as you are employed.