Registered Student Organizations Shared Google Drive Request

Google Shared Drive Request - Student

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Registered Student Organizations can use this form request a Google Shared Drive only if their information is current and up to date with the Office of Campus Life. The listing of current groups can be found here:

If you are a Student Group that is not an RSO please contact Campus Life for assistance.

Who should we contact if there are questions on setting up this Google Group (normally the person filling out this form)?
The Shared Drive name will need to be unique and unambiguous.
Please enter the Registered Student Organization that is associated with this group.
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Only one owner is required. Enter the email in short form (ex. [email protected]) You can add more owners now in the fields below, or later after the group is created.
External members:*
Allow people without Williams accounts to be members of the group?
You can pre-add members now, or add them later using the Google Shared Drive interface. Add members using their short usernames followed by a comma and space e.g. [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
Any comments or questions about your list setup.

Once the shared drive is created you can add members and manage the shared drive from the shared drive of your Williams Google account. Contact the Student Technology Consultants [email protected] or stop by Sawyer 2nd floor CET for assistance.